99 Word Story- Desert Pain

This place smells funny, the air hurts my nose, the ground burns my paws as I shift and slide, trying to make it up hill. There’s no lovely grass here, no trees, no friends to make or critters to chase…

I whine sadly, why am I here? Where is my furless friend? He always took care of me, always… Until he got old then I had to care for him, fetch things for him and keep him warm at night. 

Then he was gone.

The young one asked me to go for walkies then he left me here… Why?

The gorgeous girl I’m babysitting this week.

Written for and inspired by 99 Word Stories.

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7 thoughts on “99 Word Story- Desert Pain

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  1. Okay…I almost want to retract my final statement from your “blue” piece. If every time I read your work it comes with this much emotional intensity…I don’t even know how much I can take! I was able to choke it back until I scrolled down and saw the picture. Then-then I lost it! You have an amazing gift. To sit in the feeling of what it would be like, then actively choose words that perpetuates transference, oh Lordy, the readers you will entice! Yet another phenomenal piece!


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