Flashback Friday-Bones

“These old bones ain't meant for working no more,” The old woman's hands were knurled, bent and broken by work and time. Yet still, she soldiered on, creating the most beautiful dream catchers I had ever seen.  I wasn’t going to stop today, I don’t have the time or the money but something called to... Continue Reading →

99- Word Story- A Secret Shared

May 9, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about two who can keep a secret. Is the secret between them or is one keeping a secret from the other. Who are they? What remains unknown? What is revealed? Go where the prompt leads! Eyes met for the first time... Continue Reading →

99-Word Story- Hope

I never had much hope, life beat it out of me.  Who was I to dream and wish? A worthless, nothing, scumbag begging for deaths relief.  Rejected, neglected, and alone. Until I met you, that is. Your work rough hands, put my fragile shards back together. Your patience and kindness refilled my empty soul. Your... Continue Reading →

99 Words- His Dark Eyes

I jump, the butter knife I’m holding falls to the floor with a clatter, smearing bright red jam all over the beige tiles.  Knocking at the door sounded again, throwing my heart into my throat. Small knocks, sharp and frantic.  “Please, I just want my mummy” a pleading tone that tugs on my heartstrings despite... Continue Reading →

99 Word Story- Desert Pain

This place smells funny, the air hurts my nose, the ground burns my paws as I shift and slide, trying to make it up hill. There’s no lovely grass here, no trees, no friends to make or critters to chase… I whine sadly, why am I here? Where is my furless friend? He always took... Continue Reading →

99 Word Story- She Cried

Marie stood at her kitchen counter and cried, fat tears seared pathways down pale cheeks.  She hated crying, thankfully no one was around to see her.  What would her mother make of her now? What would she say seeing where Marie's life had taken her? Her mother and warned her against marrying Keith, she knew... Continue Reading →

99 Words- Jammy

“Shh, stop giggling he’ll hear you!” Samantha hissed from behind the hand clamped over her beaming grin.  “I can’t, I can’t stop picturing his face. Is it on display enough?” The two girls dared a peek around the tree they were crouched behind but the sound of a twig snapping sent them scuttling back, muffling... Continue Reading →

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