FWOC- Jittery

“Tweeker in room 4.” “Already? It’s 7:30 on a Tuesday morning!” “Crack can’t tell time Moira.” Dr Moira Newell sighed and finished her coffee in 3 large gulps, savouring her last of peace she faced her shift head-on.  “Knock knock, doctor in the house,” she joked peaking through the privacy curtain. The patient couldn’t have... Continue Reading →

Disturbance in the Dingle

Mr Hobgoblin grumbled, shoving himself from his armchair. “Shut up,” he snapped at the croaking toads, of course, they didn’t listen. Birds sang and fireflies buzzed as two young sprites banged on his door, giggling to themselves as they listened to the grumble shuffle inside. “Now!” one whispered and they flitted to the flowery roof... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Spot

This spot is perfect, the view of the town, the sound of the surf, the sky, the salty/ floral smell unique to this part of the country.  Yes, perfect, remote, hard to get to, with soft crumbly earth and lots of concealing greenery.  Perfect to spend an afternoon, perfect to spend forever, perfect for a... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday-Bones

“These old bones ain't meant for working no more,” The old woman's hands were knurled, bent and broken by work and time. Yet still, she soldiered on, creating the most beautiful dream catchers I had ever seen.  I wasn’t going to stop today, I don’t have the time or the money but something called to... Continue Reading →

FOWC- Options

Nathan had always been a man who liked options. From the moment he could remember, he was never satisfied with getting just one of anything. He didn’t have just one favourite teddy, he had 5 he rotated, he didn’t have one nightlight he had three, all in different locations, he never just got one ice-... Continue Reading →

FOWC- Impediment

“Darling, no, sit down, I’ll get that for you.”  Ella smiled thinly, sinking back into her wheelchair. “Thanks, mum,” It’s not that she couldn’t walk, she could technically get up and walk just fine, it’s just that she shouldn’t… What if she had a funny turn? Or A migraine attack? What if she fell and... Continue Reading →

Art-ificially Yours- The Trip

"Last night, when I should have been working on Sidewalk Noodles, I got sucked into the world of AI art on Bing. It’s so much fun to tell it to create these weird images. Choose one of these pics, if you wish, and write a silly poem or story about it. Link back please." - lightmotifs.wordpress.com... Continue Reading →

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