WDYS? National Crime Agency

“It’s a good strat Sarge but we need your sign-off on it, it’s dangerous but there’s a monster out there and I can’t sit back and watch my city be terrorised.” Frank grunted with approval, “I like your gumption, I’ll give you a shot kid but this animal is no joke, do I need to... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge- Upside down

Blood rushed to his head as he opened his eyes.  “Jesus Christ!” The slated morning sun gave him an instant piercing headache.  Where the hell am I? What happened last night?... He wracked his mind trying to scrounge up even the essence of a memory but everything had been smudged by the heavy film of... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Defunct

Holden looked sadly at the screen. “268 due to depart in 7 minutes.” It was the last that would ever leave this station.  Ever since they had built the new bus garage closer to town, they had been rerouting all the old lines through that one instead and little by little, his position in life... Continue Reading →

#Write Photo- Uncovered

The creaking noise above me was the first sensation I experienced in a thousand years. A creak then a squeak, repetitive, meditative.  It was fascinating, captivating; what could it be? The rats had long since given up. I haven’t heard another living thing since; The earth never spoke to me.  The squeaking-creaking turned into thuds... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge- Time Stood Still

Use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short story. Alternatively, if you are an artist or photographer, use this as an opportunity to showcase your own work. You have 1 week to complete this challenge. Time stood still as Earnest stared wistfully at the beautiful young woman tending to her livestock.  He... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Procure

Nigel double-checked the curtains were closed, using clothes pegs to fasten them together making sure no one could possibly see through the gaps. He then shuffled to the door, lock engaged, chain in place, chair under the handle just in case.  Excitement buoyed him, he had paid a lot of money for this and nothing... Continue Reading →

FFFC- The Fall

My eyes slowly open to see a group of teenagers staring down at me. “What happened?” I ask, still in shock. My voice is croaky, alien, since when did I sound like this? “I don’t know, you just fell and your eyes rolled back and you started mumbling…” “Jem, sshh, give him some air,” another... Continue Reading →

WDYS- Eternity

Eternity is just a word, is it? I agree that It has become so trivial it’s just thrown around in casual conversations; “God, this queue keeps going for eternity!”  “I am, eternally grateful.” “I will love you for eternity.” You pathetic humans, you have no idea the beast you invoke when you say that word.... Continue Reading →

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