FOWC- A Poem At Least

I was going to write something adventurous Full of danger and plot I was going to write some romance Something steamy and hot I was going to write a thriller So tense your heart will stop I was going to write a horror Something terrifying and fraught But today I am the least creative Sadly... Continue Reading →


Alice staggered home in the early morning gloom, the day was breaking dark and misty. She shivered, wrapping her thin jacket around her, her heels stumbled on some paving stones. It was only then, as her steps faltered that she heard the footsteps behind her.  Alice stopped, turned and listened… nothing.  “You’re being paranoid, nothing... Continue Reading →

Invisible A poem

I feel so invisible, I'm right here, can't you see me? Please look, please see I'm screaming your name, why can't you hear me? Please listen, please hear I feel helpless, hopeless, lost and alone Please find me, help me Why am I always ignored? What's wrong with me? I'm sorry, so sorry God I'm... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Arena

In the red corner we have a tried and true old favourite of ours, they might have been fighting here a long time but they’re as strong as ever, please make some noise for Major Depression.  And in the Blue corner we have a new contender that has been working the circuits pretty well in... Continue Reading →

Photo Prompt- Stay With Me?

Sue and Simon reached the plateau just as the sun was starting to set. Sweaty and exhausted, from the long hike they shrugged off their packs and in perfect silence, they sat and breathed in the sight before them.  “See, why would you want to leave this?” he asked, turning to her with heartache in... Continue Reading →

Everything Has Changed.

An unexpected drop of personal dribble no one will read or care about; It is my son's birthday today! He is 15 years old! when I was 15, I was a right horrible cunt, I ran wild, I was drinking, smoking, not going to school... I was definitely trying to process trauma that was going... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Loose

(I had a bad headache, so this is a day late.) Samantha screamed as the fire was lit, straining against the ropes that held her, she searched the crowd desperately for a friendly face, someone to be on her side, someone to help. She found no such face in the stormy sea of self righteous... Continue Reading →

99 Word Story- Do The Dishes

“Do the dishes, you say, do the hoovering, do the washing, go shopping, take out the recycling, cook dinner.” Betty ran her hands through her hair in stress and paced the kitchen. “I’m so sick of it, sick of being told what to do, you’re always commanding, demanding. Do this, do that, wear this, don’t... Continue Reading →

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