Mental health feelings

Celebrate the small things!

Physical and mental exhaustion has lead me like a lamb to the slaughter back into the cold embrace of depression. My mind has locked itself into the pit of despair. It got bad guys! I stopped taking my medication because I physically couldn’t drag myself out of bed long enough to go and pick up my prescription.…… Continue reading Celebrate the small things!

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Flash Fiction Friday! Spread the word

For thousands of years, he alone had protected the holy text. Had given his life for it more than once, he had taken as many lives. Through each painful resurrection, every nightmare of the screams of his victims, he had been self-assured that he was doing the righteous thing, the needed thing, he was saving…… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday! Spread the word

Mental health feelings

Relaxation induced anxiety.

“Relaxation-induced anxiety is a phenomenon that occurs when a person feels extremely uncomfortable, anxious, or agitated as a result of (actual or perceived) physical and/or psychological relaxation.  The anxious response is considered to be an ironic and counterintuitive reaction due to the fact that for a majority of individuals, increased relaxation tends to reduce anxiety and increase psychological…… Continue reading Relaxation induced anxiety.