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I’m not a chain smoking goblin

One of the reasons why I’m not writing these days, is I am just plain old happy. As human beings happiness is the highest achievement we can strive for, as a tortured artist it is death… It’s not that happiness doesn’t or can’t have the same intensity as darker feelings or is any less worthy…… Continue reading I’m not a chain smoking goblin

creative writing

What makes you strong?

I come across this persona time and time again in movies, T.V shows, novels and real life itself. The ideal ‘strong person’. Not physically strong, though I suppose that helps but mentally strong. Someone who can rise again and again, overcome every obstacle no matter how large, who can battle through and succeed no matter the weather.  Someone…… Continue reading What makes you strong?

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I’ve lost part of my identity

It’s absurdly ridiculous. Many won’t understand. Nothing tragic has happened, no loved one has died, all my limbs are still firmly attached. Nonetheless. I am missing part of who I was. I quit smoking! Smoking was/ is more than just an action. It is/ was more than an addiction. I was A SMOKER.  Not just someone…… Continue reading I’ve lost part of my identity

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The incompetence of mental health care

I have been on and off medications for a while now. Last summer, I decided to come off my long term antidepressant- Mirtazapine, because the side effect of weight gain was really affecting my physical health problems. At the same time, I also decided to stop using Benzodiazepines because of the effect they were having…… Continue reading The incompetence of mental health care