Flashback Fiction- This is where my world ended

This is where my world ended. My entire life ended. Right here at the end of this dock. Sure, I might walk, talk and breath but anyone who looks me in the eyes will see the deadness there. The spark of life smothered and put out by grief. I expected that when I finally managed... Continue Reading →

What do you see in me?

  They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I wonder what people see when they look into my eyes. Do they see the demons that have plagued me for as long as I can remember?   The torture I experience at every waking moment? Do they see the disease running rampant through... Continue Reading →

Sorry I left!

My world has been rocked and not in a sex way. My one and only mother has left me to follow her dreams 200 miles away. Many people in larger countries may not think that is a huge deal but for us Brits, that's a whole other planet. My childhood home has been cleaned, emptied... Continue Reading →

A note to the past

Inspired by another post I saw, I decided to write a letter to my younger self. To a sweet 13 year old, You are hurting right now, hurting real bad, I know this because I am you, future you. Approaching 30 you. You may be thinking, wow 30, so old! Have I got life all... Continue Reading →

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