Happy anniversary!

One year ago today, I stood under this gazebo and said my vows. Years of hardship and heartache delayed our wedding but we finally got there and had the day of our dreams. I can't believe a whole year has passed. Boy, it hasn't been easy but we have each other and that's enough. Because... Continue Reading →

FSS- The Window

He stood there for a long time watching them through the window. The cold had seeped straight through to his bones, he blinked icicles from his lashes but otherwise did not move. Inside a tempest was raging. His torn heart thundered wildly screaming out her name Sar-ah, Sar-ah, Sar-ah… Over and over again, louder and... Continue Reading →

WDYS- Save Me

Life never turned out how I thought it would be. How it should be. Not that I ever expected it to be easy but did it have to be so damn hard? Day after day, all I had was pain and suffering; I was suffocating, struggling beneath the weight of the world, crawling through my... Continue Reading →

#WritePhoto- The Game

You once told me love was nothing but a chess game and you were the best player around. Well, guess what, love. The student has become the master.  I saw the games you were playing from the very beginning, knew you were cheating and scheming, you weren’t half as inconspicuous as you thought you were.... Continue Reading →

Love is kind, is it?

“Love is kind, is it?” Marnie fumed, stalking towards her husband. “Is that how you’ve been treating me? With loving kindness? Or do you save that for her?” She spat.  “Marnie please, listen to me, I can explain,” Mitch pleaded. “Explain? Explain how your todger ended up in someone else’s hands, in someone else's…” She... Continue Reading →

Not a Valentine’s Day Rant

For many people today is a day for love. A day for chocolates, and hand picked flowers. Holding hands and stolen kisses. Reaffirming a love aged and comfortable. Or falling, hoping to be caught by someone new. Today is also a day for heartache. A day of loneliness and bitter tears. For reminiscing on loves... Continue Reading →

Sweep This Up

“I thought I told you to sweep up in here?” This place is filthy, it disgusts me, you disgust me,” Rob spat at his wife who stood silently in their drab kitchen, eyes to the floor, she knew better than to interrupt him, had learned long ago to not defend herself.  “Get down and scrub,... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Circumspect

How many husbands stray?  How many men sign up for a happily- ever- after just to turn their backs when things get even slightly difficult?  Perhaps I should have seen this coming but of course I thought mine was different, I never in a million years imagined he could hurt me this way. But doesn’t... Continue Reading →

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