WDYS?- Drowning

You promised me you’d be there, to be a hand to hold.  You promised you would help me when I couldn’t face the world. You promised you would love me when I couldn’t love myself. You promised to help pull me from these icy depths. You promised me I wouldn’t drown in this deep, dark... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday

Is it Monday? I am descending into madness. Quite literally though not as drastically as it sounds. A few weeks ago, I had a medication shift. I am on some pretty serious and strong medication to keep me on the straight and narrow. So any shift, no matter how small has me in a tizzy.... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday

Hello Monday; Another new beginning. 🌞 I'm still a little hungover from the weekend, I was at a family wedding which was incredibly enjoyable, though my body is paying the price. Considering I am in my EARLY 30's my body is just falling apart. I have quite a severe degenerative knee condition which has taken... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday

My life is chaos. I don't know if it actually is compared to others' lives... Why am I comparing? My life is chaos. I am lucky (unlucky) to not have an outside job; my family, my home, my therapy, my writing is my life. It is all I do from dawn til dusk, yet why... Continue Reading →

FOWC- Impediment

“Darling, no, sit down, I’ll get that for you.”  Ella smiled thinly, sinking back into her wheelchair. “Thanks, mum,” It’s not that she couldn’t walk, she could technically get up and walk just fine, it’s just that she shouldn’t… What if she had a funny turn? Or A migraine attack? What if she fell and... Continue Reading →

WDYS? Glass into the Past

A looking glass into the past that cuts me deep every time I look at it... Jonathan woke up in a cold sweat, not for the first time this week. He kept having nightmares, strange and unusual ones about another world, another life… In them, he saw a small child, cold and alone in a... Continue Reading →

Mindful Tuesday?

A year of marriage has come and gone and we celebrated like we were still in our 20s. The hangover was well worth it. I don't know about anyone else but I find we're currently so caught up in the day-to-day, parenting, work and life in general we seem to slip apart from each other...... Continue Reading →

Happy anniversary!

One year ago today, I stood under this gazebo and said my vows. Years of hardship and heartache delayed our wedding but we finally got there and had the day of our dreams. I can't believe a whole year has passed. Boy, it hasn't been easy but we have each other and that's enough. Because... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday

Here in the UK, (and many other places, I'm sure) it was May Day which meant a lovely bank holiday Monday, the weather for once was on our side and I've spent such a pleasurable afternoon/ evening drinking cocktails with my husband. I could have come home, jumped in a nice relaxing bath and gone... Continue Reading →

FOWC- Flinch

The knife seemed to glow with some otherwordly light, clenched in her lover's fist she couldn’t take her eyes off of it.  “Do you love me?” He cried, waving the knife in an arc that came perilously close to her face. She didn’t flinch as she met his eyes, “Of course, love, of course I... Continue Reading →

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