#Write Photo- Uncovered

The creaking noise above me was the first sensation I experienced in a thousand years. A creak then a squeak, repetitive, meditative.  It was fascinating, captivating; what could it be? The rats had long since given up. I haven’t heard another living thing since; The earth never spoke to me.  The squeaking-creaking turned into thuds... Continue Reading →

WDYS- Eternity

Eternity is just a word, is it? I agree that It has become so trivial it’s just thrown around in casual conversations; “God, this queue keeps going for eternity!”  “I am, eternally grateful.” “I will love you for eternity.” You pathetic humans, you have no idea the beast you invoke when you say that word.... Continue Reading →

FSS- The Break-in

When I walk into the kitchen, I notice that there is broken glass all over the floor... Cold air drifts in through a broken window, bringing up goosebumps on my bare skin. I pull the towel tighter around me and tiptoe through the mess to peak through the smashed window pane, my heart stutters as... Continue Reading →

FOWC- Plan

Gregory always had a plan. He was born knowing what he wanted; his mother said and he always knew how to get it. Not that he was manipulative, no he was a strategist. He looked at life the way a mechanic looked at a busted engine, in his mind's eye he saw exactly what was... Continue Reading →

FFC- Home Movie

Kate watched the movie with great trepidation, her heart beating rapidly in her chest, mouth so dry she could barely get her dinner down. She had worked so hard to get this film, a lot of blood and sweat went into her latest project and it just had to be perfect.  On screen, a young... Continue Reading →

Love is kind, is it?

“Love is kind, is it?” Marnie fumed, stalking towards her husband. “Is that how you’ve been treating me? With loving kindness? Or do you save that for her?” She spat.  “Marnie please, listen to me, I can explain,” Mitch pleaded. “Explain? Explain how your todger ended up in someone else’s hands, in someone else's…” She... Continue Reading →

#Write Photo- Chandelier

When the solicitor called her out of the blue and told her she had inherited a manor house, she was expecting something grander than this.  A long drive through twisting and turning countryside lanes, getting her new car splattered in mud and a scrape with a thorn bush while trying to get out of a... Continue Reading →

FOWC- Surreptitiously

She stroked his hair sweetly, a lovers caress. The room was dark and chilly, she smiled softly and kissed his cold brow, pulling a blanket over him. Slipping her dress back up her shoulders she tip-toed from the room, and left his house as quiet as a whisper, melting into the darkness of the night.... Continue Reading →

6 Minute Challenge-

Set up a timer or sit near a clock so you can keep track of the six minutes you will be writing. You can either use one of the prompts (photo or written) or you can free-write. Get ready and write for 6 minutes, that is it! Can you write a complete story? Can you... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Challenge- How Charming!

Anytime anyone saw the Bevier children, they would always say, “oh, look how cute they are! And so well-behaved!" “They’re so charming and so caring too.” “Look at those kiddies, so smart and talented.” “How pretty, how polite the Bevier siblings are.” But the Bevier kids didn’t want to be so cute and well-behaved and... Continue Reading →

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