FOWC- Rendition

Adrenaline courses through my veins as I belt out the lyrics and I ride that high strutting around the stage, letting the lights illuminate the star inside me. Applause thunders through the stadium as the last note drifts off into the night.  I grin. I bow. I wallow in my pride and gratitude.  Until I... Continue Reading →

FFFC- You’ve Got Mail

Marrisa flicked through her email inbox, deleting spam and marking those that needed responding to when she came across something that was so disturbing, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Guys, come look at this please, tell me I’m not crazy.” She maximised the attachment to the email and sat back letting her colleagues see.  “Is... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Parasite

Jen rubbed her swollen stomach in trepidation, she had been feeling sick for a while now, progressively losing her appetite and quickly expunging any food she managed to get down. Her skin was sallow, her eyes were bloodshot, and she had lost so much weight her clothes hung off her, except for around her waist... Continue Reading →

FSS- Forewarned

Ross opened the fortune cookie that was delivered with his Chinese take-out and was shocked when he read the message inside telling him that his life was in danger and that he needed to leave the city immediately. His heartbeat thundered in his ears, drowning out the sound of his family happily chatting away without... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Jittery

“Tweeker in room 4.” “Already? It’s 7:30 on a Tuesday morning!” “Crack can’t tell time Moira.” Dr Moira Newell sighed and finished her coffee in 3 large gulps, savouring her last of peace she faced her shift head-on.  “Knock knock, doctor in the house,” she joked peaking through the privacy curtain. The patient couldn’t have... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Devoid

“The distress call came from these coordinates,” the tinny words resounded through the vast emptiness around them.  “I don’t see anything,” George replied through the speaker in his helmet, his apprehension creeping through the pretence of professionalism. “I don’t hear anything either, are we in the right place?” Raj pushed the button on his unbuilt... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Spot

This spot is perfect, the view of the town, the sound of the surf, the sky, the salty/ floral smell unique to this part of the country.  Yes, perfect, remote, hard to get to, with soft crumbly earth and lots of concealing greenery.  Perfect to spend an afternoon, perfect to spend forever, perfect for a... Continue Reading →

FOWC- Fluke

“No way, no freaking way did that just happen.” “What can I say? I’m just pure skill…” “No way, that must have been the luckiest shot in the world.” “It’s all in the angles, here you try,” The two boys turned away from the 7 car pile-up they had caused on the road beneath them,... Continue Reading →

FOWC- Subside

Sweaty bodies clashed together in an explosion of lust and too many vodkas. Amanda and Noel had only just met a few hours earlier but the stars had aligned and they each needed to seek comfort in another; So here they were, panting with need and nearing their crescendo.  *** As her level of intoxication... Continue Reading →

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