Some may have noticed I have not posted this week, I took a trip to see my mum and sister who live on the other side of the country and thus decided to dedicate all my time and energy on family time. I got home last night after spending 9 hours travelling. (Thanks to train... Continue Reading →

Owl always be with you

Daily writing promptDo you have any collections?View all responses Gosh, this is a short touching story about how everything in my house and every present I ever get forever will have an owl on it somewhere. ** Several years ago, I had my very lovely grandad over for a cup of tea, he noticed on... Continue Reading →

Love is kind, is it?

“Love is kind, is it?” Marnie fumed, stalking towards her husband. “Is that how you’ve been treating me? With loving kindness? Or do you save that for her?” She spat.  “Marnie please, listen to me, I can explain,” Mitch pleaded. “Explain? Explain how your todger ended up in someone else’s hands, in someone else's…” She... Continue Reading →

Not a Valentine’s Day Rant

For many people today is a day for love. A day for chocolates, and hand picked flowers. Holding hands and stolen kisses. Reaffirming a love aged and comfortable. Or falling, hoping to be caught by someone new. Today is also a day for heartache. A day of loneliness and bitter tears. For reminiscing on loves... Continue Reading →

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