The Perfect Spot

This spot is perfect, the view of the town, the sound of the surf, the sky, the salty/ floral smell unique to this part of the country.  Yes, perfect, remote, hard to get to, with soft crumbly earth and lots of concealing greenery.  Perfect to spend an afternoon, perfect to spend forever, perfect for a... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Tepid

Photo by Markus Spiske on It slipped into the tepid water, barely making a splash. Ripples echoed throughout the lake, silently announcing its arrival. No one noticed. With webbed appendages it glided through the water. Short, sharp teeth glinted in the moonlight. No one saw. Up ahead a couple lounged, tangled together in a... Continue Reading →

FSS – She searched her apartment…

She searched her apartment frantically trying to find it, but it wasn’t there… She broke out in a cold sweat, her brain itched and her organs twisted.  Debris that was her life littered the ground around her as her explosive search continued. She didn’t want to die. Her heart hacked at her ribcage, trying to... Continue Reading →

99 Words- His Dark Eyes

I jump, the butter knife I’m holding falls to the floor with a clatter, smearing bright red jam all over the beige tiles.  Knocking at the door sounded again, throwing my heart into my throat. Small knocks, sharp and frantic.  “Please, I just want my mummy” a pleading tone that tugs on my heartstrings despite... Continue Reading →

FOWC- Blissful

My jaw clenches uncontrollably as the ecstasy kicks in. Music pulses through me, accelerating my heartbeat until I am on the brink of nirvana. I am so in love with the world right now, my skin tingles with the need to touch and be touched. To love and be loved. Sweat drips off my brow... Continue Reading →

FOWC- A Killer Caveat

Vera woke slowly, her head thumped painfully and her mouth tasted like ash. What the hell did I get up to last night? She thought as she pried her eyes open hoping she had the forethought to bring a glass of water to bed with her. She blinked warily and rubbed her eyes. This isn’t... Continue Reading →

Flash-back! Frames of Time

(A re-post from a few years back with minimal editing, originally an extract from a novel.) I slowly walk around the room, wiping my finger through a thick layer of dust on a bookshelf in the corner, I take a curious glance at the spines of the books, I don't recognise any of the titles... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Poignant

Cole lay his head in his hands, saying goodbye to a loved one was never easy but to lose someone so young… He sighed. Still, she had looked lovely, laid out in her coffin as she was. Blond hair splayed over pink silk, just as she had worn it in life. A white summer dress,... Continue Reading →

FOWC- Plan

Gregory always had a plan. He was born knowing what he wanted; his mother said and he always knew how to get it. Not that he was manipulative, no he was a strategist. He looked at life the way a mechanic looked at a busted engine, in his mind's eye he saw exactly what was... Continue Reading →

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