WDYS?- Drowning

You promised me you’d be there, to be a hand to hold.  You promised you would help me when I couldn’t face the world. You promised you would love me when I couldn’t love myself. You promised to help pull me from these icy depths. You promised me I wouldn’t drown in this deep, dark... Continue Reading →

WDYS- Save Me

Life never turned out how I thought it would be. How it should be. Not that I ever expected it to be easy but did it have to be so damn hard? Day after day, all I had was pain and suffering; I was suffocating, struggling beneath the weight of the world, crawling through my... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction- Car Graveyard

“What is it you expect to find in here?” “Why should I be expecting anything, isn’t it enough to just wander through and enjoy one's surroundings?” Mark stopped walking and gaped at his friend. “Enjoy?! Have you seen where we are?” The two looked at the scrap yard around them, somewhere nearby a crow squawked... Continue Reading →

Photo Prompt- Stay With Me?

Sue and Simon reached the plateau just as the sun was starting to set. Sweaty and exhausted, from the long hike they shrugged off their packs and in perfect silence, they sat and breathed in the sight before them.  “See, why would you want to leave this?” he asked, turning to her with heartache in... Continue Reading →

A Reason to Live

When I'm feeling like I just cannot go on another day. When I've hit rock bottom and can't find a single reason to carry on, a lot of very well meaning people bombard me with reasons to live. These reasons are always; friends, family, my partner, my son. How would they cope without me? How... Continue Reading →

Suicide is NOT selfish

I see this all the time, hear it all the time. People victim blaming, saying people who commit suicide are selfish and it makes my blood boil. Even people who have been there and come out the otherside often look back and think of their actions as selfish. That is just heartbreaking. No one wants... Continue Reading →

Tick- Tock

Tick- tock goes the clock Can't think, brain won't stop Eyes burn, heart yearns No rest, watch the clock turn Too late, need a break No escape from the hell I create     Tick- tock goes the clock This nightmare, never stops Tears blur, time burns Deadly friend, I'll never learn Cuts made, a... Continue Reading →

Guest blogging

I have written my first ever blog post to guest feature on someone's else's blog!!!!!  I never thought my rambings would be liked so much that someone else would want to share them as well, I just feel so honoured!  So please check it out , you can read it here and make sure you read through... Continue Reading →

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