99 Word Challenge- Impossibly blue

I try not to vomit as my world rocks on its axis, up and down I bob and spin in this ocean of grief. 

Impossibly blue. 

I’m drowning, desperately trying to claw breath into my body. I sink beneath the waves. 

My feelings; impossibly blue.

I weep, I sob, I wail at the world and its cruelness, that it could take so much and leave behind shadows. 

My tears burn; impossibly blue. 

The image of you, the last I’ll ever see, as you lay in that cold morgue. Those soft lips I used to kiss, now frozen. 

Impossibly blue.

Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.com

Written for and inspired by 99 Word Stories.

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12 thoughts on “99 Word Challenge- Impossibly blue

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  1. Immediately! I was drawn in by your words. I couldn’t read the 99 words fast enough and because of the intensity behind them, when I got to the end, my heart fell from my chest and I felt an emptiness that I had felt before. Unequivocally the best shorty I have read in a long while! ♥️♥️

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      1. Please do! In a world full of doubt that sits in the depths of souls and quiets our talents, let it be a reminder of your beautiful gift of being able to wrap people into your world through your words! That’s what writing should do! I look forward to reading your future work.

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