Marvelous Mavericks Miracle Attempt

“Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a treat, for one night only, here and now, never to be repeated, I am going to attempt to do the impossible, to stop time itself, to play god, to blur the lines of life and death!” The Marvelous Maverick’s voice rang out strong and sure over a hushed crowd.  Thousands of people, men, women and children, the young and the elderly, rich and poor held their breath in anticipation. 

“Each and every one of you will remember this moment, for the rest of your lives,” he continued, striding the length of the stage, the spotlight following his every movement, “so pay close attention.” he clapped and all the lights went out. 

The crowd stirred and murmured but their whispers were cut short by a growling roar, the lights turned back on to reveal a large black bear pacing in a small glass tank. Wonder then excitement rolled through the crowd in waves as applause broke out, the man on stage soaked it all up, grinning from ear to ear. 

“Tonight, with just the power of my mind, I will stop this bear’s heart, I will bring her to the brink of death, I will let her see through the veil, let her gaze at the other side and then I will bring her back to us.” 

The audience stared raptly as the bear paced and growled. “As you can see from this screen right here,” the magician gestured behind him as a projector screen descended, “she has a healthy, if slightly elevated heart rate, now don’t worry boys and girls, no bears will be harmed in the making of this miracle,” he winked.

Swallowing, he nodded to the stage hand to let them know he was ready for the bear’s chamber to start filling with the specially designed sedative. As the beast’s movements slowed and she closed her eyes, he grinned in triumph, waving his hands in front of him like he’d been sending death rays towards her, he climbed into the cage, the fake heart monitor behind him flat-lined and the crowd gasped. 

All was going to plan until the bear’s eyes opened.

Sadly that was Marvelous Mavericks’ last Miracle attempt, see the bear had a trick up her sleeve, and an attempt of her own to make.

Written for and inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge

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