FWOC- Procure

Nigel double-checked the curtains were closed, using clothes pegs to fasten them together making sure no one could possibly see through the gaps. He then shuffled to the door, lock engaged, chain in place, chair under the handle just in case.  Excitement buoyed him, he had paid a lot of money for this and nothing... Continue Reading →

FFFC- The Fall

My eyes slowly open to see a group of teenagers staring down at me. “What happened?” I ask, still in shock. My voice is croaky, alien, since when did I sound like this? “I don’t know, you just fell and your eyes rolled back and you started mumbling…” “Jem, sshh, give him some air,” another... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Challenge- How Charming!

Anytime anyone saw the Bevier children, they would always say, “oh, look how cute they are! And so well-behaved!" “They’re so charming and so caring too.” “Look at those kiddies, so smart and talented.” “How pretty, how polite the Bevier siblings are.” But the Bevier kids didn’t want to be so cute and well-behaved and... Continue Reading →

FOWC- What’s on the menu?

Aleks stood over the hot oven, sweat dripped from his forehead as he took in lungfuls of the fragrant steam. He sighed dreamily, salivating and shaking with excitement he tossed in a pinch more pepper and breathed in again, stirring the thick viscous liquid, odd-shaped lumps bobbed up and down with the movement.  He was... Continue Reading →

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