Love is kind, is it?

“Love is kind, is it?” Marnie fumed, stalking towards her husband. “Is that how you’ve been treating me? With loving kindness? Or do you save that for her?” She spat.  “Marnie please, listen to me, I can explain,” Mitch pleaded. “Explain? Explain how your todger ended up in someone else’s hands, in someone else's…” She... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fiction- This is where my world ended

This is where my world ended. My entire life ended. Right here at the end of this dock. Sure, I might walk, talk and breath but anyone who looks me in the eyes will see the deadness there. The spark of life smothered and put out by grief. I expected that when I finally managed... Continue Reading →

They scream

There is screaming inside of me. It sounds like too many people crushed together in a small space, crammed against each other, pressing against the inside of my soul. Elbowing each other, jostling for space. Screaming until their throats burn, each trying to be heard over the chaos inside but only the darkest thoughts come... Continue Reading →

A note to the past

Inspired by another post I saw, I decided to write a letter to my younger self. To a sweet 13 year old, You are hurting right now, hurting real bad, I know this because I am you, future you. Approaching 30 you. You may be thinking, wow 30, so old! Have I got life all... Continue Reading →

Premonitions part three: Reality or Nightmare?

Read part two here first! Reality or nightmare?   “They’re killing him!”. “Shh, you’ll wake him!”. “We haven’t even found the memories we need yet, maybe we should pull the plug?”. “We’ve found a way to accelerate the process, we just need him to hang on a little while longer” __________________________________________________________________________________ I'm an old man,... Continue Reading →

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