FWOC- Defunct

Holden looked sadly at the screen. “268 due to depart in 7 minutes.” It was the last that would ever leave this station.  Ever since they had built the new bus garage closer to town, they had been rerouting all the old lines through that one instead and little by little, his position in life... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Tepid

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com It slipped into the tepid water, barely making a splash. Ripples echoed throughout the lake, silently announcing its arrival. No one noticed. With webbed appendages it glided through the water. Short, sharp teeth glinted in the moonlight. No one saw. Up ahead a couple lounged, tangled together in a... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction- Car Graveyard

“What is it you expect to find in here?” “Why should I be expecting anything, isn’t it enough to just wander through and enjoy one's surroundings?” Mark stopped walking and gaped at his friend. “Enjoy?! Have you seen where we are?” The two looked at the scrap yard around them, somewhere nearby a crow squawked... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Be Reasonable

“I want to see Kaitlyn.” Dom demanded not even bothering with a polite hello.  Em peeked out through the 6 inch gap in the doorjamb, refusing to take the chain off the door having seen her soon to be ex husband outside. “We’ve been over this a million times, you know you can’t, it’s not... Continue Reading →


Alice staggered home in the early morning gloom, the day was breaking dark and misty. She shivered, wrapping her thin jacket around her, her heels stumbled on some paving stones. It was only then, as her steps faltered that she heard the footsteps behind her.  Alice stopped, turned and listened… nothing.  “You’re being paranoid, nothing... Continue Reading →

FOWC- Dominant

“That’s right sweetie, on your knees, yeah, crawl to me…”  Peter had always thought of himself as dominant, in every area of his life. He didn’t just play tennis down at the country club, he ruled the court, presided over it, clucking at his every victory.  His wife wasn’t his equal. Wasn’t his partner to... Continue Reading →

FOWC- The Last Stop

“I’m bored.” Shane said. “You’re always bored.” his best friend Anthony replied. “Yeah but I’m REALLY bored now,” he put down his controller as Anthony paused the xbox. “And I know just what I want to do…” Shane’s face lit up. “No, no way, we always get into trouble when you look at me like... Continue Reading →

Would You Like To Play A Game?

“Even looking at the photos sickens me,” the detective inspector spat, pushing the laminated pieces of paper across the sticky desk in front of him. “What sort of psycho could do such a thing?”  The man on the other side of the desk smirked darkly and shrugged his shoulders, staying quiet.  The detective continued, “to... Continue Reading →

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