Flashback Fiction- This is where my world ended

This is where my world ended. My entire life ended. Right here at the end of this dock. Sure, I might walk, talk and breath but anyone who looks me in the eyes will see the deadness there. The spark of life smothered and put out by grief. I expected that when I finally managed... Continue Reading →

The Good Life Part two: Find Yourself

In a world where unhappiness is forbidden by law, a young girl struggles to find a way to cope with her crippling depression and anxiety, fearing she is the only one in the world who feels this way…  Read part one here first! Find Yourself Joy’s elder sister, Merry came over just has they were... Continue Reading →

They scream

There is screaming inside of me. It sounds like too many people crushed together in a small space, crammed against each other, pressing against the inside of my soul. Elbowing each other, jostling for space. Screaming until their throats burn, each trying to be heard over the chaos inside but only the darkest thoughts come... Continue Reading →

A note to the past

Inspired by another post I saw, I decided to write a letter to my younger self. To a sweet 13 year old, You are hurting right now, hurting real bad, I know this because I am you, future you. Approaching 30 you. You may be thinking, wow 30, so old! Have I got life all... Continue Reading →

The many faces of fate

I feel so helpless, powerless, once again, I am not the one carving out my own path. I'm a passive passenger on a crazy ride, being driven towards to edge, the end of everything.  The driver- the one I call Fate sits coldly by, deaf to my pleas, blind to my tears. The doors won't... Continue Reading →

You’ll live

You're being discharged. You don't need help anymore, don't need the support. Nevermind the fact that you're drugging yourself into a stupor every other night, nevermind that you scratch and scratch until you bleed. You're not slicing your wrists, you're not suicidal, you're handling your problems so much better now. You can cut yourself every... Continue Reading →


With this weeks picture prompt and the most recent terror attack in London, I was compelled to write this short story based on what it might feel like to be in this horrendous situation.     The explosion rips through me, suddenly deafening me, a physical push from every direction at once. Vision obscured with smoke... Continue Reading →

Far away

  This whole routine is getting old. I’m sorry but it’s time someone told you. I know I sound like a bit of a dickhead but I can’t hold my tongue anymore. You go everyday, to the place where he left us, the top of the cliffs with that stupid crazy paving making steps to the... Continue Reading →

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