Flashback Friday-Bones

“These old bones ain't meant for working no more,” The old woman's hands were knurled, bent and broken by work and time. Yet still, she soldiered on, creating the most beautiful dream catchers I had ever seen.  I wasn’t going to stop today, I don’t have the time or the money but something called to... Continue Reading →

#WritePhoto- The Lost Galleon

Heaving themselves aboard the older ship there was a moment of stunned silence, it was like it had been frozen in time. A rich, red cotton coat was slung over a barrel, a mop and bucket leaned against a mast, and a pipe sat at the helm as if the captain had only just set... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday! Fairy Tale Come True

“I can’t believe it! Look at this place!” Roisin exclaimed, her face alight with a beautiful smile, dimples shining in each corner of her mouth. Her red hair was lit from behind, igniting a flamed halo around her.   “Yeah…. It looks like something out of a fairytale” Simon replied apprehensively. He was excited for... Continue Reading →


Henrietta was none too pleased with the recent addition to the garden. She was going to go clucking mad if she spent one more minute in his company. "You're such a cock!" She yelled at him as he followed her around the trees. "yeah, and?" He replied cluelessly, enjoying their nice walk. Written for and... Continue Reading →

FOWC- A Killer Caveat

Vera woke slowly, her head thumped painfully and her mouth tasted like ash. What the hell did I get up to last night? She thought as she pried her eyes open hoping she had the forethought to bring a glass of water to bed with her. She blinked warily and rubbed her eyes. This isn’t... Continue Reading →

Flash-back! Frames of Time

(A re-post from a few years back with minimal editing, originally an extract from a novel.) I slowly walk around the room, wiping my finger through a thick layer of dust on a bookshelf in the corner, I take a curious glance at the spines of the books, I don't recognise any of the titles... Continue Reading →

FWOC- Ruckus

Joan was wary of walking home alone, not like the younger girls at work like Daisy who thought they were invincible. All those reports on the news, muggins, rapes, murders… Joan knew that anything could happen to her at any time. Thursday night, Joan had worked much later than she had intended and found herself... Continue Reading →

#WritePhoto- The Game

You once told me love was nothing but a chess game and you were the best player around. Well, guess what, love. The student has become the master.  I saw the games you were playing from the very beginning, knew you were cheating and scheming, you weren’t half as inconspicuous as you thought you were.... Continue Reading →

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