99- Word Story- Lost and Found

With tears in her eyes, Agatha placed the book gingerly into the trunk, her heart aching. Her grimoire had been handed down through so many generations, all the knowledge and wisdom from woman to woman, mother to mother would be lost forever but she would be burned at the stake just for looking at it. ... Continue Reading →


Some may have noticed I have not posted this week, I took a trip to see my mum and sister who live on the other side of the country and thus decided to dedicate all my time and energy on family time. I got home last night after spending 9 hours travelling. (Thanks to train... Continue Reading →

Owl always be with you

Daily writing promptDo you have any collections?View all responses Gosh, this is a short touching story about how everything in my house and every present I ever get forever will have an owl on it somewhere. ** Several years ago, I had my very lovely grandad over for a cup of tea, he noticed on... Continue Reading →

Flash-back! Frames of Time

(A re-post from a few years back with minimal editing, originally an extract from a novel.) I slowly walk around the room, wiping my finger through a thick layer of dust on a bookshelf in the corner, I take a curious glance at the spines of the books, I don't recognise any of the titles... Continue Reading →

I’m fine, just fat

A lot of people I know who suffer with mental health difficulties, also struggle with their weight. For me, it's a combination of lack of impulse control, a cycle of bingeing and purging, weight gaining medication and being unable to get out of bed let alone to a spin class. Possibly a few other reasons... Continue Reading →

Coming of age

  My son turned 11 on Friday. Eleven. Like 99% of eleven year olds today, he has a phone. Now I am not the sort of parent that regularly roots through his phone and scrutanises every spec of information on there. He is an independent young man, with his own individuality and deserves the room... Continue Reading →

A Mothering Nightmare

A Mothering Nightmare A soft scraping sound. A footstep shatters the peace. The bedroom door creaks open slowly. Out of the gloom a monster lurches. Hunched over and groaning. "Muuuum, I don't feel so..." The stomach contents of the beast is promptly evacuated all over the carpet.   Meanwhile   A 30 year old man... Continue Reading →

What do you mean you won’t see him?

“What do you mean you won’t see him?” “I’m sorry, there’s just not enough evidence of moderate to severe mental health problems”. “He’s physically hurting himself with distress and frustration, how is that not enough evidence?” The lady on the duty desk at CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) sounds a little embarrassed at... Continue Reading →

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