Flashback Friday! The happiest day of her life

This was originally published on my birthday 5 years ago, I wonder what was going through my mind then? It was the happiest day of her life, the most thrilling by far. Her face hurt from smiling so much, her heart felt like it was pounding out of her chest. Of course, all those fantasies,... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fiction- This is where my world ended

This is where my world ended. My entire life ended. Right here at the end of this dock. Sure, I might walk, talk and breath but anyone who looks me in the eyes will see the deadness there. The spark of life smothered and put out by grief. I expected that when I finally managed... Continue Reading →

Coming of age

  My son turned 11 on Friday. Eleven. Like 99% of eleven year olds today, he has a phone. Now I am not the sort of parent that regularly roots through his phone and scrutanises every spec of information on there. He is an independent young man, with his own individuality and deserves the room... Continue Reading →

A Mothering Nightmare

A Mothering Nightmare A soft scraping sound. A footstep shatters the peace. The bedroom door creaks open slowly. Out of the gloom a monster lurches. Hunched over and groaning. "Muuuum, I don't feel so..." The stomach contents of the beast is promptly evacuated all over the carpet.   Meanwhile   A 30 year old man... Continue Reading →

What do you mean you won’t see him?

“What do you mean you won’t see him?” “I’m sorry, there’s just not enough evidence of moderate to severe mental health problems”. “He’s physically hurting himself with distress and frustration, how is that not enough evidence?” The lady on the duty desk at CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) sounds a little embarrassed at... Continue Reading →


Before you came into my life, I lived in a black and white movie with glaring plot holes, stunted characters and long aerial shots of barren fields. The second I saw you, colour burst into my life. My entire world was forever changed. The sun broke through the clouds at last, fireworks flew, rainbows shone... Continue Reading →

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