Mindful Tuesday?

A year of marriage has come and gone and we celebrated like we were still in our 20s. The hangover was well worth it. I don't know about anyone else but I find we're currently so caught up in the day-to-day, parenting, work and life in general we seem to slip apart from each other...... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday

Here in the UK, (and many other places, I'm sure) it was May Day which meant a lovely bank holiday Monday, the weather for once was on our side and I've spent such a pleasurable afternoon/ evening drinking cocktails with my husband. I could have come home, jumped in a nice relaxing bath and gone... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday

Sigh It's been a week... I spent the weekend sitting in A&E for reasons I shall not disclose. My husband and I spent a combined 11 hours sitting in one waiting room or another, going from one department to another. We were sent home Saturday evening and told to come back again Sunday morning, just... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday

It hasn't been a good week. Not for writing anyway. I don't know what's been wrong with me recently; a surge in depression possibly? My motivation to write has plummeted and boy can you tell! My posts are down, likes are down, comments are down. Everything is sliding downhill at an impossibly fast pace. And... Continue Reading →

Invisible A poem

I feel so invisible, I'm right here, can't you see me? Please look, please see I'm screaming your name, why can't you hear me? Please listen, please hear I feel helpless, hopeless, lost and alone Please find me, help me Why am I always ignored? What's wrong with me? I'm sorry, so sorry God I'm... Continue Reading →

99 Words- Optimism

Optimism is just not for me, life taught me, crushed me, nothing good happens, nothing is easy  Optimism doesn’t come freely, not when you’re me, it was stamped on, smothered, beaten out of me Optimism took me, years of hard work, trying and failing and trying again, therapy finally helping me Optimism brought him to... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday- All Or Nothing

Some people with mental health diagnoses, personality disorders or neuro-divergent people may have trouble with all or nothing patterns of thinking. The longer I go without therapy the more I feel myself slipping back into maladaptive behaviour patterns. I have worked long and hard to get to where I am today, though one thing I... Continue Reading →


Leaving today, the decision has been made. The plans are set. Everyone else is certain in their roles, sometimes I am too. Not today. Today, I'm worried, anxious, scared at what's to come. I'm sad, leaving behind the friends I have made, I don't want to break the bonds between us. I'll miss this place,... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I was so sure. I knew what was what. Why they were the way they were. I was sure on what was black, what white was, I could muddle through the greys. I was sure footed, on solid ground. I should have known it wouldn't last. My solid foundations crumbled. Dropping me into the... Continue Reading →

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