FWOC- Absorbed

“God you are so self-absorbed!” Sarah stamped her foot in impatience as she tried prying her boyfriend from the mirror, “we’re going to be late!”

John murmured something unintelligible but managed to tear his eyes from his reflection, Sarah didn’t see the confusion in his expression or the shine of fear in her eyes as she pouted, “you take longer and longer each day, one day you’re going to fall in.”

John smiled and tried to brush it off, “well someone has to be the pretty one,” he teased, putting his arm around his girlfriend and kissing her on the cheek. 

Jen’s housewarming party went well, John sighed in relief as he noted the lack of decoration- no mirrors had been hung yet. He laughed and joked, drank and smoked, smiled and pretended everything was okay, he almost began to believe it…

John stumbled into the bathroom head spinning, he braced himself on the wall above the toilet but started to tipple over and decided it was safer to sit. Giggling to himself at his own stupidity he slumped down and relieved himself.

He instantly sobred when his eyes landed on his reflection. On the wall opposite the toilet was a long slim mirror, if anyone else had been in the room, they wouldn’t have noted anything odd, they wouldn’t have seen the wrongness, the otherworldly air of evil that twisted and distorted his reflection. 

“Please, please don’t do this now, please…” he whimpered. His reflection just smiled cruelly and crooked his elongated finger.

John crawled on his knees towards himself, helpless to resist. The otherworldly pull had him in his clasp, whether it was the booze and the weed that had eroded his good senses or the other him had just worn him down he was unable to win this stare-down. 

He expected the glass to be cold as he hesitantly prodded the surface but it was as warm as a bath and just as easy to slip into. “That’s right,” his evil twin crooned as he was absorbed within the depths… 

Written for and inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge

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