Story Starter-

“It is pitch black and the wild beast is out there waiting to… 

Take you to the skies! I know it’s scary in the dark but don’t lose your nerve now, our clan has searched and searched for the last of the wyverns for generations and finally we’ve found one, claim him in the name of our ancestors, take the leap for the Firedrake Clan and soar!”

Arthur gulped and peaked through the shrove of bushes they were hiding in, the wild beast was indeed out there, its long scaly body curled in on itself, soft snorting plumes of smoke ebbed and flowed as he slumbered on.

“Come on now lad, you might never get another chance like this, go to him!”

Arthur gulped yet again but nodded his head shakily, taking a deep breath he threw himself from the makeshift shelter, not giving himself a chance to second guess himself, he launched himself up the back of the sleeping giant, who instantly woke and roared mightily.

oh man, oh man, oh man, what have I done? he thought to himself as the wild beast bucked and contorted trying to shake loose his would-be rider.

Clinging tightly to the thrashing beast he closed his eyes and tried to centre himself. He was born to do this, he reached inside of himself for that ancient spark and pulled it to the forefront. “Shhh Ryuu” he whispered and the beast calmed. “I am your anima unio, we are one.”

The ancient words came to him easily and with them, his beast slowly settled down. “fly, Ryhuu.” he whispered and for the first time in nearly a millennia, wyverns and Firedrakes were bonded.

Written for and inspired by Fandango’s story starter.

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