#Write Photo- Battlements

The morning dawned cold and misty, Ralph flexed his fingers trying to bring back the circulation, it had been a long and miserable night. He sniffed and look to his left, a complaint about the weather wilted on his lips, he was cold and miserable no doubt but at least he was alive, unlike the soldier that usually worked on his left. 

Rain mingled with a single tear that dripped down his cheek. Gods, he was so tired and cold and angry, why did it have to be this way? Why were good men dying for the sake of their lords that didn’t care enough about them to bring them shelter from the rain? 

He peeked his head over the side of the battlement those northern gits were still down there but at least they had tents and fires and food! The smell of burning meat made him salivate, they were down to the last of the grain and that was with rationing, blokes like him on the bottom of the rung were not going to get a look in much longer.

Gods burn it all, he wasn’t putting up with this any more. He stood stiffly, shaking out the ache in his bones. One swipe of the sword and this stalemate will be done with, “let’s see what the devil I don’t know has to say about it,” he said gruffly, heading inside…

Written for and inspired by KL Caley #WritePhoto

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