Arrow slip, Time slip- Flash Fiction

Written for and inspired by New 2 Writing

My harsh breath echoes off the damp stones despite me trying to muffle it as much as possible. I cling to the rough bricks, trying to make myself as small as possible. 

What is happening? How did I get here? I ask myself as another volley of arrows is loosed at the castle, 

Damn, I was just here visiting, am I dreaming? But with the shouts and thudding footsteps getting closer, I’m not willing to risk it. 

How do I get myself home? What was I doing before I was thrown here? But before I can think of the answer a shout of alarm goes up and I know I am found. Crap! 

As several soldiers in suits of armour charge towards me, I don’t know if they live here or are the invading army, either way they don’t look friendly and I’m not willing to risk my life to find out. 

I run up the stairs behind me, so much faster and far more nimble than they could ever be in their heavy armour. I dodge and weave up the stairs, round and round but they don’t give up. 

I burst through a heavy wooden door and am instantly blinded by brilliant sunshine. Crap! I think again, I find myself on an open turret, no where else to run, I turn back but the first of my pursuers shuffle through the door.  I gulp and inspect my surroundings, no weapons, no exits. The guards start shouting at me in a foreign tongue. I’m so lost, so confused, what do I do?

Only one way out of this, I take a running jump and leap off the edge of the castle and plunge into the icy depths of the moat below me. I try to swim, try to stay afloat but it’s like I have rocks tied to my feet. I’m pulled under and my last panicked thought was why?…

I gasp as water is forced from my lungs, the man that was doing chest compressions helps me turn over and rubs my back as I spew filthy lake water. 

“Oh thank god” I hear my mum scream. 

I don’t know where I was or what happened but I hope it never happens to me again. They say it was just oxygen deprivation from falling in the moat but I know it was more… I know what I saw, what I felt. I look around me in amazement, thankful to be alive back in my own time. 





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3 thoughts on “Arrow slip, Time slip- Flash Fiction

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  1. Wonderful story, I enjoyed how the drama built up until you really felt the panic rising. The last paragraph is great, very intriguing – oxygen or past-life regression – I guess we’ll never know.
    Thank you for joining in with the #writephoto challenge. KL ❤

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