FOWC- Remarkable

With shaky excitement the scientist looked his creation up and down. “Remarkable,” he whispered, reaching for his Ipad to document the moment. “You look just like the real thing.” 

The robot in front of him cocked her head and squinted, “am I not the real thing?” 

“Of course, of course you’re real, I didn’t mean it.” The creator typed into his Ipad, ‘delusions of life.’

“I can see that.”

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“You gave me these eyes, you should know you can’t hide behind your technology.”

“Remarkable,” he whispered again, “I remember that voice, that tone so well” he put down the Ipad and crept closer and ran his fingers through the robot’s hair, she really did look just like his wife. “I’ve missed you.” He murmured.




Written for and inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge




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