FOWC- Meddlesome

“Well, hello friend! We’re your new neighbours!” The middle aged couple grinned manically from the doorstep. 

Did they rehearse this or are they naturally this creepy? Dan thought to himself, struggling not to retreat into the sanctuary of his new home. “Hi, I’m Dan…” 

“Dan, is it?” The guy said.

“Great name,” his partner added

“What’s the story then?”

“Huh? Story” he questioned, head turning from one to the other as they fired questions at him.

“What brings you to these parts?” She asked.

“Umm, I’m sorry, who are you?” Dan asked, wishing he had never opened the door.

“We’re your next door neighbours! I’m Steve.”


“We’re just trying to get to know you”

“Do you have family around here?”

“Did you move for work?”

“Are you married?”


“Oh Kids would be nice in this old stuffy neighbourhood.”

“Is that van on the drive yours or a rental?”

“Looks like it needs a new rear tire.”

“Did you get the roof looked at before you moved in?”

“Are you going to replace these ugly window frames?”

“Do you like gardening?”

The two continued talking, firing questions one after the other not letting him get a word in, he sighed  he had so much to do and didn’t want to waste another second with these meddlesome… Just then his phone rang and his heart lifted.

“I am so sorry, I’ve been waiting for that call all day.” He said shutting the door on the pair and scuttling away from it… 





Written for and inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge




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