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What makes you strong?

I come across this persona time and time again in movies, T.V shows, novels and real life itself. The ideal ‘strong person’. Not physically strong, though I suppose that helps but mentally strong.

Someone who canlessstrongbutstillstrong rise again and again, overcome every obstacle no matter how large, who can battle through and succeed no matter the weather.  Someone thrown into chaos and pain who still comes out on top squeaky clean. 

Someone who gets shit done.

Well what If I need a rest? What if my obstacles, minute as they are are so tiring I just need to lay down for a week? What if I don’t get back up? What if I wait until someone else drags me back up whether I want to or not? What if I come out of my chaos and pain with blood on my hands and a lump of coal where my heart used to be?

Am I a weak person?

What if, everytime Bruce Wayne thought of his dead parents, he ate a doughnut? What if he did that so often that by the time he reached adulthood, he couldn’t even fit in the batcave let alone snap on his snazzy utility belt?

Would he still be considered a strong person?

Stepping away from the realm of fiction, we all know of those amazingly inspirational stories of people with severe physical limitations, people missing limbs, conquering mountains.

We would all agree, those are strong people, physically and mentally.

I cannot climb mountains- limbs intact.

Sometimes, I can’t even conquer the mountain of laundry growing in the corner.

Am I a weak person? 

Did mental illness make me weak?

Like a bacteria eating through the trunk of a tree, making it so unstable a slight breeze could blow it down.

Has mental illness eaten away at me so much I’m forever weakened?

Now, I’m not saying that anyone who hasn’t climbed a mountain or become a lycra wrapped caped crusader is weak.


You can ignore the blue part-
The thought seed that planted this blog post was actually Game Of Thrones, more specifically Theon Greyjoy. 
Is Theon a weak person?
Was he weak when he cowed to his father and broke the trust of the Starks? Or was he being strong? Shaking off the influences of the family that kidnapped him to forge his own path?  But that’s a different blog post.

Where in the grand scheme of things do we balance the scales between strong actions/ people and weak ones?

Today, I class myself as strong because even though I have triple chocolate chunk cookies in the house, I ate a banana for breakfast. Suck it Batman.


One thought on “What makes you strong?

  1. Yes, mental illness has made us this way. It’s like a constant Kryptonite (different superhero, I know) and it’s not fair. We often didn’t start feeling its effects at the shooting of our parents; maybe we did. Point is that we were not prepared to fight it. We don’t have millions of dollars or the latest technology or connections to a top-of-the-line research lab.

    I suppose, as you noted so wonderfully, the fight is every time we choose banana over shake; every positive thought over negative one.

    You’ve inspired me to write about depression from a superhero standpoint. 🙂


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