Coming of age


My son turned 11 on Friday.


Like 99% of eleven year olds today, he has a phone.

Now I am not the sort of parent that regularly roots through his phone and scrutanises every spec of information on there.

He is an independent young man, with his own individuality and deserves the room to grow and a modicum of privacy.


Saturday night, after he had brought his phone into the living room for the night and gone to bed, his phone beeped several times in a row, being curious I just happened to glance at the screen.

The most recent message; “Do you like anyone in class?” 



It has begun.

I feel like cowering in sheer terror, knowing my little boy is now at the age where he is liking girls/ guys.

I never saw his reply, obviously and am not going to embarrass him by asking about it.  I do feel like we have the sort of relationship that is open enough for him to come and talk to me about anything.

I think I should probably re-cap ‘the talk’ though.


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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