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No Knight in Shining Amour

I am very disenchanted with life.

Disappointed at the direction my life took.

The fairytale of youth has fallen from my eyes to reveal my dystopian present.

I never wanted to be this, no one would ever want to be this.

Wasn’t I destined to be a princess?

Wasn’t I supposed to be an innocent, delicate, bird?

Defended, protected, kept safe.

I was going to fly through life.

I was going to sing and chirp.

What am I now?

Not a princess.

A twisted and broken bird.

Wings snapped clean off.

Crying for help, for someone to save me.

But no knight in shining armour is coming

There is no handsome prince upon a trusty steed, with lance held aloft ready to slay my demons.

Even if one would appear, you can’t be saved if your determined to sink into the mud.

You have to save yourself.

The problem is; I don’t see anything worth saving.



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