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My 10 year old child is in therapy


I’ve written on and off, not only about my own mental health struggles but also the struggles I have seen my child go through in his short life and the struggles we have gone through together to receive any help for him. 

My son has always been a handful. 

Most parents think that of their own children though, right? 

My son is different, he is naughty. He just, he never left the terrible twos behind. 

That doesn’t really sound like a mental health issue until you get to the part where he is 7 years old and threatened to hit his teacher with a cricket bat because she said he couldn’t do P.E in his school shoes, because he had lost his fourth pair of trainers that year, because he refused to learn to tie his own shoe laces so would throw his trainers out of the window, or in the bin, or at me when pushed into trying… 

If you ever see a woman dragging a screaming bare foot child home, give her a break, okay?

I know why he does these things, I know he struggles to process information and control his impulses and it’s not his fault, he doesn’t mean to, he feels, truly, sincerely terrible about it. 

But fuck me, it is so hard to deal with.

Here’s where the therapy comes in. 

He has been told he’s naughty, he’s bad, he’s just misbehaving so many times he believes it. He thinks he is the problem.

He has been timed out, naughty stepped and red carded for years, without anyone ever asking why. He has got to the point where every time he gets overwhelmed or frustrated or just plain angry, he hurts himself because he knows, this is bad, he is bad and he is going to be punished for feeling this way. 

And finally, after 3 years of trying to seek help for him, he’s getting a chance to speak to someone.

For 6, 45 minute sessions… 

It’s a start.

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