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A Mothering Nightmare

A Mothering Nightmare

A soft scraping sound.

A footstep shatters the peace.

The bedroom door creaks open slowly.

Out of the gloom a monster lurches.

Hunched over and groaning.

“Muuuum, I don’t feel so…”

The stomach contents of the beast is promptly evacuated all over the carpet.




A 30 year old man is bedridden.

Fighting for his life.

Sweating and shivering, he uses every ounce of energy he has to fight off his invisible would be assasinator.

He feels deaths cold grip creeping ever closer.

Only one thing can stop it.

“Babe, my tea’s gone cold….”


Later on that day


A young haggard woman tries to pee in peace.

She hasn’t had a moment to herself in days.

Checking her route is clear, she dashes into the bathroom.

Softly, so softly, she shuts the door.

The click of the lock is loud, too loud.

She listens, there has been no response.

So far, so good.

Just as her cheeks kiss the cold toilet seat, a sound reverberates through the house, dashing her dreams to pieces.

“Sorry mum, I couldn’t get into the toilet”

The beast has vomited on the carpet again.


Featured Photo by Thư Anh on Unsplash



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