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Am I worthless?

There are two types of value in the world.

There are things which have inherent value because of what they are, what they can provide us with. Those are the things which in an apocalyptic wasteland would still have value.

  • Medicine
  • Batteries
  • Toilet roll

Then there are things which only have value because we attribute value to it. Pounds, Dollars, Yen… Money has no inherent value. A £20 note is literally a piece of paper, it has no value, what makes it worth more than a £5 note? Only the common belief that it is worth more.

Recently, I have been thinking about worth and value and what that means to me.

What is my life worth?

Is my life worth what society says it is worth?

There are very conflicting messages out there, everyone is a beautiful and special snowflake contrasted with poverty, famine, mass genocide. People are treated differently because of their gender, skin colour, beliefs. Society says one thing but society’s actions say the opposite.

Is every life equal?

Is my life worth what my friends and family say it’s worth?

Depending on who and when you ask, my life could be worth quite a lot… Or quite a lot less. Does a persons value and worth fluctuate?

Would that mean people without close friends and family really ARE worthless?

Is my life, like toilet paper? Is my worth based on what I am able to provide society?

Based on interactions with close family and friends, I’d say I provide them a considerable amount of love, affection, care and support. However, I require far more from them then I am ever able to give.

For society in general, I am worthless. Nothing. A drain on resources. I take up food, water, money and give nothing back. The amount that has been spent on my mental health treatment through the NHS for example, I would never be able to pay back in taxes even if I was about to work.

If everyone has to find their own value then I really have none.

Am I worthless?



Featured Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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