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Flash Fiction- Welcome to Hell

“Welcome to Hell sir, can I check your baggage for you?”

“Huh, what?!” Cole blearily opened his eyes, he was standing in a ruined shell of a building, sand poured through the openings, shoved in by a blistering, howling wind.

“I’m where?”



“Hell sir, would you like to check your baggage?”

“When, how did I get here?” Fear and confusion routing him to the spot, a nagging feeling at the back of his mind, a ball of pure terror just out of reach made him inexplicably feel he was exactly where he was supposed to be.

“Just one moment and I’ll have a look for you” The grandmotherly woman behind the degraded counter looked down and tapped quickly on an ancient computer, she should be baking cakes for fund raises, knitting blankets for the poor, some shit like that, not here in this desolate wasteland checking people into… Into Hell, Cole thought.

“Ah, here it is, you exited earth at 3:42am Saturday the 29th of September 2018, after climbing into a vehicle whilst inebriated, you hit a 14 year old cyclist whilst he was on his way to his paper round, killing him instantly. We had you in limbo for… 17 hours 12 minutes whilst deliberations commenced, it was decided you would not be able to make amends and were transported here for processing” She looked up, smiling sadly and pushed her thick glasses up her nose, focusing her owlish eyes on him once again. “Would you like to check your baggage sir?”


Written for Creative Writing Ink

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