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Flash Fiction! Hope Takes the High Tide

I can’t think of a title for this one, any suggestions?

Thank you Chelsea for the amazing title 🙂


Hope Takes the High Tide

The journeyThe brown sea lapped against the side of the boat, muted sounds of bells ringing, men shouting and birds cawing, drifted through the thick blanket of fog, barely penetrating Mary’s awareness as she stared ahead listlessly, her only connection to reality, the young boy clutched in her lap.

The horrors she had seen haunted her every waking moment.

What those men did, not men, beasts. What those beasts did to her mother, her elder sister… May the blood never be washed from their hands, just as it will never be washed from her memory.

Leaving them broke her heart but what else could she have done? She had her brother to take care of, her father to find. Mary had promised, no matter what happened, she would take Jacob, find their father, the rightful ruler and put right all the wrongs that had destroyed her peaceful sea-side village.  

With one final glance at the ruins she was leaving behind, she said a final farewell not just to her family but for who she used to be, vowing to be braver, stronger. Vowing she will come back.


Written for Creative Writing Ink

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