creative writing · Flash Fiction · Horror stories

The happiest day of her life

weddingIt was the happiest day of her life, the most thrilling by far. Her face hurt from smiling so much, her heart felt like it was pounding out of her chest.

Of course, all those fantasies, the daydreams of her wedding day, never featured murder but what else was a girl to do?

She had always thought she was destined to marry Prince Charming. A blue eyed angel sent to earth. Destined for happy-ever-after.

No one tells little girls that princes are ugly, brutish men. Bred to be strong, violent and unyielding.  

Bide your time, put up with his breath heavy with beer panting in your ear as he ruts on top of you. Let him pump his seed into you, as many times as it takes to implant itself and grow.

You’ll never have your happy-ever-after with the prince by your side but you will with his child inside you.

Deed done, it was time for the prince to go.

She stood on the shallow grave and felt the young life inside her, it was indeed, the happiest day of her life.

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