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What do you see in me?



They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.

I wonder what people see when they look into my eyes.

Do they see the demons that have plagued me for as long as I can remember? Β 

The torture I experience at every waking moment?

Do they see the disease running rampant through my body and mind?

That depression, rotting me from the inside, breaking me down and destroying everything that I am?

Do they see the fire that burns through my veins?,

The pain that sets me alight every day, consuming, excruciating fire that drives me crazy?

Or do they just see the sad eyes of a woman old before her time, wrung out and tired of life itself?


What do you see in me?


Written for Creative Writing Ink

8 thoughts on “What do you see in me?

  1. I cannot see you, here

    But I hear your mind.

    Across the bits and bytes

    I connect;

    I know your pain, for it is mine.

    And though you look

    and see sad eyes

    and wrung-out life

    I do not.

    They are not.

    They are merely the reflection

    of a shattered glass.

    Step away,

    to this safe, sunlit spot

    And look again.

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