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Flash Fiction! No Escape

It had been love at first sight. Everything she had been dreaming of her whole life, well nearly. She’d watched her mum struggle, working three jobs, trying to raise her and her little sister. She’d done the best she could to help out but it never felt like enough. Grown up too fast, worn out too soon; she’d dreamed of running away, finding a good man to help her and look after her.

And there he was.

The first time he walked into her diner, in his dirty mechanics uniform, grease in his hair, she knew he was the one. Maybe it was the way he looked at her, maybe it was the confident way he strutted around like he owned the place.

He whisked her away, swept her off her feet, they moved into his trailer, it wasn’t much but it was theirs. She thought her bubble of happiness would never burst.

But it didn’t take long for her to see his true colours, by then, it was too late.




Nineteen, knocked up for the second time, trapped, far away from home. There’s no escaping life. 




Written for creative writing prompts

2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction! No Escape

  1. Heartbreaking, does she escape? Will there be a part two where she writes a best selling novel? Or she discovers buried treasure? Please?


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