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Flash fiction; Fairy Tale Come True

Fairytale“I can’t believe it! Look at this place!” Roisin exclaimed, her face alight with a beautiful smile, dimples shining in each corner of her mouth. Her red hair was lit from behind, igniting a flamed halo around her.  

“Yeah…. It looks like something out of a fairytale” Simon replied apprehensively. He was excited for her, he really was but he couldn’t shake the cold fear coiled in his stomach. Something just wasn’t… right about this place.

Roisin had been adopted as a baby, had never known a thing about her ‘real’ family, pretended she didn’t want to. Her childhood was fantastic, she loved her adoptive parents, perhaps more than most children loved their biological parents. Roisin’s parents had a choice and they chose her.   

However, anyone could see the hole in her soul, the yearning to know; who she really was, where she came from, why she was shunned.

One rainy Tuesday morning, Roisin received a letter, an incredibly cliched letter, one more suited to stories and films. Her elderly, biological, grandmother was on death’s door and wanted to meet her long lost granddaughter while she could.

Finally, all of her questions were about to be answered, or so she thought…

written for Creative Writing Ink

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