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Flash Fiction: Love <3

Alice Mccoy and Michael Lewis, had been in love since they were 4 and 5 years old respectively. Michael remembered the exact moment he knew he would do everything in his power, move heaven and earth to make this girl stay with him forever.

It was the first day of school, which for some reason, happened to be a Wednesday. Michael was small for his age, skinny with nobbly bruised needs and a nest of brown hair sprouting from his head.

He was terrified of school, he had never in his life been around this big of a screaming, stomping hoard of children.

There Michael stood, in the doorway to the dining room in his flashing trainers, clutching his spiderman lunch box, paralyzed with fear.

Elder children, most twice his size, rushed past him, maniacal grins on their faces, eyes alight with the promise of fresh meat.   

Michael trembled as he felt a damp patch begin to seep through the soft material of his cotton shorts, eyes wide in horror, he dropped his lunchbox and attempted to cover his shame with his small pudgy hands.

Billy Ruscoe, 8 years old noticed first, delighted he squealed and pointed, laughing in Michael’s shamed red face, attracting everyone else’s attention. Michael thought his life was over, he would forever be known as the boy who peed his pants on the first day of school. The torment he would have to face in the years to come, was so heavy a burden, he could feel it all come crashing down on him.

But then she appeared, his flame haired angel. Kicking Billy sharply in the shins and giving him a smart slap around the face, she single handedly destroyed Billy the bully, what 8 year old could sustain his self respect after being beaten by a 4 year old girl?

Alice announced to the entire school in triumph “if anyone else even thinks about laughing, you’ll get much worse”. She returned to her humiliated comrade, wrapped her cardigan around his waist and walked him to the office for a change of clothes.


Alice had rescued him that day and her mere presence in his life had rescued him everyday since.   

That first day of school was 82 years ago today and though his poor beloved Alice had passed, Michael vowed while he still had strength in his legs and sense in his head, he would continue to come here to this spot, where they spent their first wedding anniversary and remember.  


Written for creative writing ink prompts!


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