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I have written my first ever blog post to guest feature on someone’s else’s blog!!!!! 

I never thought my rambings would be liked so much that someone else would want to share them as well, I just feel so honoured! 

So please check it out , you can read it here and make sure you read through the rest of The real puppet master’s blog!

“There are children and young people today, experiencing such distress that they are hurting themselves, they want to die, to end it all but the average wait time for treatment for those people? 10 years.

10 years of pain, fear, confusion. 10 years of wanting to die before they’re helped.”

Thank you everyone! 

5 thoughts on “Guest blogging

    1. Thankfully, he goes to just the most incredible school who have been really understanding and supportive, they have group sessions outside of classes with children with similar needs, he did drawing and talking for a while and then the much cooler sounding Lego club (which was the same but building and talking), the school and our GP are currently coordinating to re-refer back to CAMHS but are doing everything in their power to support us both in mean time.

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