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The Birth of Vampires

An excerpt from my magnificent book I have yet to finish

At the dawn of man, a time when humankind had just mastered living in communities, building shelters and farming. A time when religion ruled and angels walked the earth. There lived two brothers, two very powerful brothers, their father ruled the lands. Thanks to him; great cities were built, life was good, he was just and fair and all the people loved him.

His eldest and favourite son was in line to inherit the lands when the father died because of this, the younger brother grew jealous, spiteful and full of hate. He went to the angel Azreal and struck a bargain to strike down his elder brother and father so he may rule the prosperous lands. The angel complied and the father was hit with a bolt of lightning and died instantly but the elder brother was spared death because Azreal was a renegade, not working in harmony with the rest of the angels.

Another angel appeared, the angel Dardail, he deflected the bolt, causing it to hit the brother of hatred but instead of killing him, it cursed him. He was banished from the great cities and banished from the day, he was cursed to always walk on weary feet through the long darkness, forever, to contemplate his actions.

Thus was the start of Vampirism.

Time moved on, as time always has done and always will. The cursed brother spent a long time alone but instead of finding remorse, he grew even more bitter and hateful. He watched from afar as his brother grew more and more successful, found love, marriage and had children, he watched those children grow and become rulers themselves of their own cities. He watched and hated and plotted their downfall. The outcast brother went back to the angel Azreal, pretending he was sorry and begging for the curse to be lifted but the angel had learned his lesson and refused to act alone. Azreal went and spoke to the other angels and a great discussion was held lasting years, finally the angels came to a decision. They would not lift the curse but they would end his loneliness. They would grant him friendship in the form of other cursed ones, he gave the brother the choice of all the sinners to choose who would join him in his banishment.

The brother chose several of the worst of the worst, murderers, rapists and those that wished for death and chaos to fall on the lands. He built an army of hatred and moved against the good kings and rulers, great war raged. The cities fell, disease, suffering and famine spread like wildfire through both sides of the war, sparing no soul. The angels saw their mistake and took the choice away from the hateful brother but they could not undo the chaos he had caused.

ruined city

From that day on, humans and Vamps would not have a choice and the curse fell on good people as well as bad because all creatures need balance. The angles learned from their mistakes and stopped appearing to humans, they stayed on earth, hidden from view so that no one could trick them again but they continued to watch and learn. 

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