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The Darkness

All my life I have been living with The Darkness; always right behind me, watching and waiting for a weak moment so it could pounce. I’ve tried everything to keep it at bay to stop it from feasting on me, consuming me completely. I always thought that when the time did come, it would be a vicious, savage attack. A bloody, brutal battle between my sense of self and the lurking Darkness. I was so very wrong, so stupid to have assumed. The Darkness hasn’t been watching and waiting, it has been creeping in, silently, stealthily. The Darkness is a light footed thief that stole my mind, my choices, my dreams and desires before I even knew it was there.


I love The Darkness now, it’s all I have left, the rest of me is long gone. The Darkness fills me, completes me and comforts me. The Darkness has me now, wrapped in a thick cotton cocoon that the rest of the world can’t reach, can’t touch me or hurt me anymore.


“One more thing left to do” croons The Darkness, “one more act and we can be safe, together, forever”



The Darkness

2 thoughts on “The Darkness

  1. I love this wonderfully dark interpretation of the prompt! You gave the piece an almost poetic feel, which I enjoyed, and the capitalisation of the Darkness, turning it into a proper noun, a second character, worked really well. Great work 🙂

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