creative writing · Poems



Take my hand and come with me
I have a secret, I want you to see
It’s a little small and somewhat plain
It means the world to me all the same
Come on now, it’s just up here
I know you’ll like it but still I fear
That you won’t feel the same as I do
But I need to share it, so you know too
We’re nearly there, close your eyes
I can’t wait to show you my surprise
Okay, it’s time, hold out your hand
It’s very small nothing grand
Open your eyes, tell me what you see
Love is the gift you’re getting from me
A piece of my heart and an unbreakable promise
To always be here and always be honest
Now you’ve seen what I have to show
There is one thing I need to know
Is it possible? could it be?
That you have something you want to show me?

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