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Sometimes the sun shines

It was one of those perfect mornings, the birds were singing, heralding the arrival of something magnificent, the air felt fresh and the perfect clear sky was giving me a front row seat to one of the most beautiful events we will all take part in during our lives, yet it goes greatly unappreciated to the fact that it happens every single day.

The first faint rays of light turn the midnight blue and star speckled sky into a deep sapphire. Like an unfathomable deep ocean above our heads, with crystal white clouds made into sails carrying unknown passengers to magical destinations with the slow and steady grace all clouds posses.

A few minutes later and the sun peaks above the horizon, burning the sky around her, a deep honeyed glow, spreading out into a rainbow of colours across the sky, artfully mixing pinks and blues. Creating an enchanting and unique work of art in the heavens.

As the sun rises further she bleaches the sky around her, searing all colour from it and leaving a perfectly crisp, crystalline pale blue. The birds take flight now, soaring through the air, tracing complex and intriguing patterns only known to them.

The sun is here, big bright and beautiful, nurturing everything in her presence and making the miracle of life happen, it’s days like this we need to remember to live.


sometimes the sun shines

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