Mental health feelings

Did you know?

How did you do it? Did you know, the entire time, what you were doing to me?

Every fight that was my fault.
Every begrudging make up, I had to promise to change for.

But what was it exactly I was doing? All I know is it was all my fault. Right?

Did you know you were breaking me? Couldn’t you see how fragile I was? Or maybe that was the point.

All the pushing, the pulling. This way. That way. The love. The Hate.

All you wanted was me.
All you wanted was to be left alone.

What did I do now?
Head spinning, heart breaking.

I tried, I tried so hard! I thought I was doing okay this time.

Once more around these tracks.
I’ve done it again. The last time I’ll ever do it.

I’ve gone now.

Broken, snapped, shattered.

You’ve got what you wanted.

Nothing left.

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