Mental health feelings


Leaving today, the decision has been made. The plans are set. Everyone else is certain in their roles, sometimes I am too. Not today.
Today, I’m worried, anxious, scared at what’s to come. I’m sad, leaving behind the friends I have made, I don’t want to break the bonds between us. I’ll miss this place, the familiar walls, the welcoming atmosphere and the feeling of security.
So why am I leaving?
Unsure again but the decision has been made, the plans are set. I do know why I am leaving. To find my own path, a place that works for me. To better myself and improve my life, to recover, re-enter society, to function. To be normal.
I have enjoyed my time here and I’m grateful for the chance, glad I have met the people that I have and the jokes we have shared. Most of all, the amazing support I have been given.
Whatever comes next, I won’t ever forget this place, these people, this feeling.

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