Mental health feelings

Stay away

I’m a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, a minefield of love and hate and everything in between, anyone who tries to get close to me will be ruined.
Please step back, I don’t want to hurt you.
Too late the explosion rips through you, tearing your heart out, I’m sorry, I told you to stay away.
I will murder your soul, tear your heart out and leave you bleeding, a ruined mess of a person with nothing left to give.
I’m not worth this, I don’t want to hurt anyone any more.
So please.
Stay away.

One thought on “Stay away

  1. Don’t tell me to stay away coz I won’t.
    Doesn’t matter if I’m ripped apart all over again.
    Cause if you’re a time bomb, I won’t mind being crushed many times.
    I’ll reincarnate until I detonate you into a safe place.

    *I just felt like I have to answer* 🙂


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